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Snow Foam

Our Favourite Product

A highly effective Snow Foam designed to lift & remove heavy dirt & dust.

Prevents damage & swirl marks by allowing you to safely rinse away.

This product will produce a thick, heavy cling foam that’s completely safe to wash away once rinsed from the vehicle.

Quick Detailer

The Car Show MUST HAVE

A completely waterless wash system designed to break down surface dirt, whilst our unique wetting agents lift the dirt & ensure a safe removal of the product without causing paint damage.

Cleans & protects in one application.

Fallout Remover

The Best in Wheel Cleaning

An outstanding performing product designed specifically to target & breakdown Iron deposits & colour them a distinct purple so you can identify, and safely wash them away without the risk of damage to your paint or wheels.

Glass Cleaner

Our most popular product

A spray on glass cleaner designed to leave a streak free finish & cut through stains & marks without leaving unsightly white marks found with other products.

All Purpose Cleaner

Also known as APC

Our APC is an excellent all round cleaner, it can be used on all painted finishes, wheels, plastics, door cards, fabrics & headliners. Simply adjust the dillution ratio to suit.

Bug, Tar & Glue Remover

Awesome for Sticker residue!

A ready to use, extremely strong remover designed to instantly rid your paintwork & plastics of a variety of contaminents, including: Bug residue, Road Tar, Silicone, Wax, Fuel Stains, Glue & Adhesive Residues.

Interior Cleaner

Fresh & Clean in one spray

A ready to use cleaner which cleans & polishes in one go. Our specially designed cleaning agents help tackle stubborn marks on all interior trims, plastics & wood finishes. Leaves a fresh smelling, streak free finish.


Everything you need

We supply a good range of only the highest quality towels, cloths, brushes & tools you need to fully clean and look after your car.

We believe in investing in the best quality products you can to ensure they last you far longer than any cheaper alternative. Our towels are higher quality than you’d use even on yourself!

Hang on a minute!

I thought you didn’t sell detailing products anymore?

Some of you will remember a year or so ago, we made the decision to remove all of our 500ml retail bottles from our website, sell everything off super cheap and remove them from our stockists.

The reason behind this was we just feel like the market is far too saturated now with different brands and new ones popping up every other week. So we decided to take a step back, re-evaluate and make some changes.

When we first created Car Couture back in 2014, products were all that we did, however we mainly sold in larger quantities to professionals such as Valeters, Detailers and even the odd well known Trucking company. We then launched our clothing and accessories side of the business and that’s now what most people assosiciate us with.

What many people didn’t know, is that we also sold our products as “White Label” products to other brands and companies, what that means is, we were sending our products, altered with new colours, scents and ingredients to other small brands, for them to re-bottle, re-brand and sell as their own. This is common practise in most industries and removes the need for smaller brands to invest in the correct certification, insurances and other mundane legal documents required to sell such products.

What we have now decided to do, is offer our 5ltr & above range to you, the public! It means that you’ll now receive 10x the amount of product you were getting before from our 500ml bottles, but at a fraction of the cost of buying it like that. The main costs involved in producing the 500ml bottles are as follows:

Empty Bottle – 78p

Trigger Spray – £1.01

Label – 90p

Which means £2.69 of the cost that you pay for a 500ml bottle, was purely packaging alone! But without fancy packaging, would you even have looked at it? Catch 22 right?

So by removing our 500ml range from the table, and offering in 5ltr and above, you’re getting much better value for money from us, and all you’ll need to do is pour some out into a re-useable spray bottle to use… We can even supply those too!

So look out for us at trade shows, or buy directly from the website soon, and make the most of your money in these difficult times.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the years,

Team Couture.

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