1. Honda Street Coilovers


Car Couture is proud to be the UK distributor for D2

D2 Street coilovers offer the perfect balance between performance & comfort. The D2 Street (RS) Series suspension kit is the most popular coilover. Featuring a 36-way damping and rebound adjustable monotube design, Street coilovers are perfect for the modified street car that also sees occasional track days. This coilover has separate height and preload adjustments allowing for optimal suspension tuning while maintaining full strut travel at all times.

Car Couture is also very happy to be able to offer you FREE delivery on all D2 products purchased through our website.

Note: Some vehicles require a Suspension warning light cancellation kit for factory suspension, if you require this please purchase separately from the D2 Accessories section.

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  • 36 way damping control.
  • Uses SAE9254 metal for springs and 6061 aluminium to avoid rust.
  • Adjustable ride height without the need to compress the springs.
  • Uses spring bearings to avoid sounds when turning.
  • Shock body is adjusted rather than spring perch to maintain spring compression.
  • 60-100mm drop from OE height.

Note: All orders come directly from D2 Warehouse overseas, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

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ACCORD CB1/2/3/4 (89-93), ACCORD CD3/4/5/6 (93-97), ACCORD CF3/4/5 (JDM) (97-02), ACCORD CL1/3 (JDM) (97-02), ACCORD CL7/8/9 (02-08), ACCORD CU1/2 4Cyl (08-12), ACCORD CU1/2 6Cyl (08-12), ACCORD CR (13-17), ACCORD CV (18-UP), CIVIC EF CRX SINGLE CAM (Rr Eye) (89-91), CIVIC EF CRX TWIN CAM (Rr Eye) (89-91), CIVIC EF CRX SINGLE CAM (Rr Fork) (89-91), CIVIC EF CRX TWIN CAM (Rr Fork) (89-91), CIVIC EG SINGLE CAM (Rr Eye) (92-95), CIVIC EG TWIN CAM (Rr Eye) (92-95), CIVIC EG SINGLE CAM (Rr Fork) (92-95), CIVIC EG TWIN CAM (Rr Fork) (92-95), CIVIC EK SINGLE CAM (96-00), CIVIC EK TWIN CAM (96-00), CIVIC ES1/2/3/ET2 (00-05), CIVIC EP2/3 (01-05), CIVIC FD1 (OE Rr Separated) (06-11), CIVIC FD2 (OE Rr Separated) (07-11), CIVIC FN2 (OE Rr Separated) (07-11), CIVIC FB SEDAN (OE Rr Separated) (12-15), CIVIC FC SEDAN / HATCHBACK (16-UP), CIVIC SI (17-UP), CIVIC FK8 (17-UP), CITY (08-13), CITY (14-UP), CRV 1 (95-01), CRV 2 (02-06), CRV 3 (07-12), CRV 4 (12-16), CRV 5 (17-UP), CRZ (ZF1) (10-UP), ELEMENT (06-UP), FIT GD1/2/3/4 (01-07), FIT GE6/7/8/9 (08-13), FIT GK3/5 (14-UP), INSIGHT (ZE2) (09-14), JAZZ (01-07), JAZZ (08-13), JAZZ (14-UP), ODYSSEY RB1/2 (Wishbone) (03-08), ODYSSEY RB3/4 (08-14), ODYSSEY RC1 (McPherson) (14-UP), PRELUDE BA4/5/7 (87-91), PRELUDE BA8/9 BB1/2/3/4 (91-96), PRELUDE BB5/6/7/8 (96-01), S2000 AP1/2 (99-09), STREAM RN1/2/3/4/5 (00-06), STREAM RN6/7/8/9 (06-14), HR-V RU1/3 (FWD) (13-UP)


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