3. BMW Circuit Coilovers


Car Couture is proud to be the UK distributor for D2

The D2 CIRCUIT Series coilovers are designed for the circuit track enthusiast determined to go fast. Increased spring rates with more aggressively valved dampers and a larger, heavy-duty piston construction result in a suspension system that out-performs its competition. Large 52mm shock bodies increase oil capacity and the aluminum construction decreases weight to help this coilover perform at the limit.

Car Couture is also very happy to be able to offer you FREE delivery on all D2 products purchased through our website.

Note: Some vehicles require a Suspension warning light cancellation kit for factory suspension, if you require this please purchase separately from the D2 Accessories section.

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  • This kit is for use on circuit. D2 have vast experiences of setting up the coilover kits for circuit use. Winning various championships more than 250 times with D2 products installed.
  • Aluminium upper mount for wishbone coilover is able to enhance the handling and pillowball upper mount for McPherson coilover is able to enhance the handling and adjust the camber angle.
  • 36 different damping settings are able to get the most out of all road conditions.
  • Aluminium lightweight ride height adjustment adjusts the ride height desired and reduces the weight of the vehicle.
  • The spring rate and damping force are specially made for circuit.
  • Standard monotube design with φ44mm big piston not to rise the oil temperature easily to maintain the performance of coilovers.
  • The ride height can be dropped 80mm~120mm from OE ride height.
  • Fully customise the coilover for you to meet the requirements.
  • Camber and caster can be adjusted by 3D pillowball upper mount which for your option.
  • All applications listed on our website are for 2WD model unless we specify 4WD.
  • The “model year” defined for each application on our website might be different to the ones in each country; therefore, please confirm the “production years” with us if you are not sure.

Note: All orders come directly from D2 Warehouse overseas, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

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E81 4Cyl (07-12), E81 6Cyl (07-12), E82 4Cyl (07-13), E82 6Cyl (07-13), E87 4Cyl (04-11), E87 6Cyl (04-11), E88 4Cyl (07-13), E88 6Cyl (07-13), 1M Coupe (10-12), F20 4/6Cyl (Exc M-Technik X Drive) (10-UP), F21 4/6Cyl (Exc M-Technik X Drive) (11-UP), F22 M235I (14-UP), F87 M2 Coupe (16-UP), E36 4Cyl (90-98), E36 6Cyl (90-98), E36 M3 (94-98), E46 4Cyl (98-05), E46 6Cyl (98-05), E46 M3 (02-06), E90 4Cyl (05-11), E90 6Cyl (05-11), E90 M3 (07-11), E91 4Cyl (05-11), E91 6Cyl (05-11), E92 4Cyl (06-11), E92 6Cyl (06-11), E92 M3 (07-11), E93 4Cyl (06-11), E93 6Cyl (06-11), E93 M3 (07-11), F30 4/6Cyl (Exc M-Technik X Drive) (11-UP), F34 4/6Cyl (Exc M-Technik X Drive) (13-UP), F32 4/6Cyl (Exc M-Technik X Drive) (13-UP), F82 M4 (14-UP), E34 6Cyl (87-95), E34 8Cyl (87-95), E39 4/6 Cyl Exc Wagon (95-03), E39 8Cyl Exc Wagon (95-03), E39 M5 (98-03), E60 4Cyl (03-10), E60 6Cyl (03-10), E60 8Cyl (03-10), E60 M5 (05-10), F10 (10-17), F10 M5 (11-17), G30 (17-UP), F80 M3 (14-UP), G20 4/6 Cyl (18-UP)


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