5. Lexus Drift Coilovers


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D2 DRIFT Series suspension kits provide you with ultimate control over your drift when you need it most. These coilovers feature an inverted monotube strut design* and 55mm pistons** which allow them to maintain peak performance under extreme conditions while maintaining 36-way adjustability. Specially designed mounts, helper springs, and drift-spec spring rates with matched valving result in a high performance coilover that is the standard for many of today’s top drifters.

* on most applications

** MacPherson applications

Car Couture is also very happy to be able to offer you FREE delivery on all D2 products purchased through our website.

Note: Some vehicles require a Suspension warning light cancellation kit for factory suspension, if you require this please purchase separately from the D2 Accessories section.

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  • To enjoy the real drifting to the extreme, this is an excellent coilover which is different from the only ride height adjustable coilover.
  • All McPherson suspensions offer a mono and inverted tube design (55mm). It can bear the sideways aggressive movement and maintain a center point of gravity when drifting.
  • Certain applications have rear dampers with helper springs to operate the sideway movements aggressively and ground the rear inner tire against with pavement when drifting.
  • All McPherson coilovers come with pillowball upper mount with camber plate. It adjusts the camber of the tyre giving you better turning abilities and enhancing the stability of the vehicle.
  • The specialized rear spring rate setup allows the inside tire to press down on the road without affecting the stability of vehicle. Furthermore, it accelerates the rear tyres around turns for better handling at high-speed.
  • There are 36 different damping settings to meet different requirements of race-road conditions.

Note: All orders come directly from D2 Warehouse overseas, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

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GS300/400 (S140) (93-97), GS300/400 (S160) (98-05), GS300/350/430/460 (S190) (06-11), IS200/300 (XE10) (98-05), IS250/350 (XE20), IS200T/250/300/300H/350 (XE30) (RR INTEGRATED) (FRT EYE) (13-UP), IS200T/250/300/300H/350 (XE30) (FRT FORK) (RR INTEGRATED) (13-UP), LS400 (XF10) (89-94), LS400 (XF20) (94-00), LS430 (XF30) (00-06), SC300/400 SOARER (91-00), SC300/400/430 (01-10)


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