Audi Super Pro Kit


To Suit The Following Models:

Simply let us know which model you require in the notes at the checkout and we will send it.

A1 11~UP
A3 8L (2WD) φ50 96~03
A3 MK2 HATCH 3D 8P1 (2WD) φ50 03~12
A3 MK2 HATCH 5D 8PA (2WD) φ50 03~12
A3 SPORTBACK 8VA 2WD φ50 (Rr Twist- beam Suspension) OE Rr Separated 12~UP
A3 SPORTBACK 8VA 2WD φ55 (Rr Twist- beam Suspension) OE Rr Separated 12~UP
A3 8V1 2WD φ50 (Rr Twist- beam Suspension) OE Rr Separated 12~UP
A3 8V1 2WD φ55 (Rr Twist- beam Suspension) OE Rr Separated 12~UP
A3 SPORTBACK 8VA 2WD φ50 (Rr Multi-Link Suspension) OE Rr Separated 12~UP
A3 SPORTBACK 8VA 2WD φ55 (Rr Multi-Link Suspension) OE Rr Separated 12~UP
A3 8V1 2WD φ50 (Rr Multi-Link Suspension) OE Rr Separated 12~UP
A3 8V1 2WD φ55 (Rr Multi-Link Suspension) OE Rr Separated 12~UP
A4 B6 (2WD) 02~04
A4 B6 AVANT 01~04
A4 B7 (2WD) 04~08
A4 B7 AVANT 04~08
A4 B8 SEDAN (2WD) 08~16
A4 B8 SEDAN (4WD) 08~16
S4 B8 (4WD) 08~16
A4 B9 2WD/4WD φ53 16~UP
A5 COUPE (2WD) 07~16
A5 COUPE (4WD) 07~16
A5 SPORTBACK (2WD) 09~16
A5 SPORTBACK (4WD) 09~16
RS5 (4WD) 10~15
A6 (4B C5) 4WD 97~05
RS6 (4B C5) 4WD 02~04
A6 (4F C6) 2WD 05~11
A6 (4G C7) 2WD/AWD 11~18
TT MK1 8N (2WD) φ50 98~06
TT MK2 8J (2WD) φ55 06~14
TT MK2 8J (4WD) φ55 06~14
TT RS MK2 8J (4WD) φ55 06~14
TT MK3 8S (2WD) φ55 15~UP
TT MK3 8S (4WD) φ55 15~UP
Q2 φ55 17~UP
Q3 (4WD) φ55 12~UP
Q5 (4WD) 08~17
Q5 4WD (FY) 17~UP


  • This system allows for all 4 corners to be adjusted individually. Each air bag has it’s own pressure valve which enables far superior handling than other kits on the market.
  • This is a complete kit with excellent damping setting created in order to increase the vehicle’s stability, unlike other brands which come with non adjustable shock absorbers which causes the vehicle to be bouncy and unstable during cornering. Modifying upper mount, cutting car body or welding the OEM shock to the vehicle is not required when our kit is fitted to the vehicle unlike other brands.
  • Not only is this system allowed to change air pressure, but you can also adjust the maximum and minimum ride height freely to match up to an aftermarket body kit to get the desired ride height, which is one of our products features that other brands do not have.
  • This system is designed for easy bolt-on, it is not required to work with the O.E.M shock absorbers unlike other brands.
  • Bluetooth receiver compatible which can be purchased seperately.
  • IOS (Apple) controllable.
  • Most of our system have 36 levels of adjustable damping, ride height adjustable,including upper mount in the fronts and rears.
  • The top mounts that we have on air suspension will be based on our standard setting.
  • Tyre pressure gauges can be connected to the air tank to fill your tyres as the air pressure in the tank is sufficient for the tyre pressure gauge to operate.
  • A pneumatic tool can be connected to the air tank as well to clean the exterior of your vehicle, the air pressure in the air tank is sufficient for the pneumatic tool.
  • You can adjust the ride height with such ease while in the car. The ride height can be adjusted all the time to reach your desired height depending on the load of your vehicle.
  • A pressure gauge supplied with this kit shows the vehicle ride height. Adjusting the vehicle ride height is allowed when the vehicle is in motion.
  • The adjustment range of ride height is between 100-150mm. (based on different applications)
  • The speed of lowering and raising vehicle ride height is 4-7 seconds.
  • The supplied remote control enables you to raise or lower the ride height on the fly.
  • This kit comes with  4 solenoid valves & a remote control.
  • AFH Wireless memory remote control can display the air tank and individual corner pressures values & will automatically modify values when driving.
  • All parts are collected in the monitoring box meaning there are no messy wires and parts on show.
  • 4 ride height memory settings can be set on the remote for all different situations on the road.
  • Warning signals built into remote in case of loss of air pressure.
  • One touch functions can adjust your ride height unlike previous versions where buttons need to be held.
  • Power saving device (sleep mode)
  • Remote charges via USB so need for battery replacements.
  • Installation is fast, usually within 3 hours by a professional and there are no modifications to make to the vehicle.
  • Installation should be carried out by a qualified technician. Air springs will change its physical configuration due to different air pressure; therefore, check that all components of suspension have contact with the air springs when they are fully inflated. If so, it’s necessary to remove the parts or the air springs might be damaged. Components rubbing against the air spring will void the warranty.
  • All applications listed on our website are for 2WD model unless we specify 4WD.
  • 20L Air Tank
  • High Speed Compressor
  • Vibration Free Mounting Hardware
  • Silencing Base Plate
  • Air Hose
  • 150-175 psi Pressure Switch
  • AFH Remote Control
  • Mechanical Switches
  • 200 psi Dual Needle Gauge
  • Switch & Gauge Bracket
  • 4mm x 6mm Nylon Line (25M)
  • 5mm x 10mm Nylon Line (1M)
  • Power Cord (7M)
  • Fuse Box & 60A Fuse
  • Shock Absorbers With 36 Adjustment Levels
  • Safety Valve
  • Deluxe ECM Assembly (1/4 Valves & Remote Control)
  • Installation Guide


WARRANTY: Strut , compressor, air bag have one years limited warranty.
Note: All D2 Products Come directly from the factory in Japan so please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.



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