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Clay Bar


Use to remove tree sap and contaminants that cause the roughness you feel when you rub over hand over your paintwork. Even new cars straight from the dealer sometimes have dirt and contaminants from the air and road ingrained in the paintwork. Make your paintwork feel and look like glass by using a Clay Bar.

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Break off a piece of clay approx 1 inch square and flatten to the palm of your hand. Work on a 2ft x 2ft area at a time, we area with our Instant detailing spray (or similar) and rub paintwork with flat of clay bar and hand in slow circular movements. Do half the area and turn over the clay bar and repeat.

Rinse off the treated area and feel that glass like finish. Discard the used clay and break off another piece and repeat over the whole car working on 2ft x 2ft areas at a time. Wash and then apply a good wax to your paintwork to protect it.

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  1. Alex Goddard

    I’ve tried quite a few clay bars but this one is super tacky and picks off the engrained dirt really easy. Paint was like glass afterwards 🙂

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