Glass Cleaner

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A ready to use spray on Glass Cleaner which instantly cuts though dirt and grime to reveal an immaculate finish.

Almost gives the appearance of no glass being present, fully biodegradable its safe to use just about anywhere and can also help to inhibit misted or fogged up windows too.

Add this Glass Cleaner to your cleaning kit as its a real must! Comes in 500ml size.


Spray the Glass Cleaner neat onto the surface to be cleaned & wipe with a clean, lint-free cloth. Alternatively use a high-grade car couture microfiber cloth then buff off the Glass Cleaner to a clean & dry finish. Do not spray onto electrical items ie: Switches, cd players etc.

2 reviews for Glass Cleaner

  1. Emma

    I have used this in the car and in the home! Streak free finish every time without fail! You really don’t need alot to get the best results either unlike others on the market!

  2. Karl

    Easily one of the best glass cleaners I’ve used. It’s simple, easy to use and leaves a high gloss, streak free shine with little to no effort.

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