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Gloss Wrap Detailing Spray


Gloss Wrap Detailing Spray cleans and polishes without the use of water. This formula emulsifies and breaks down surface grime whilst wetting agents ensure safe removal of the product leaving no grime on the surface. Ideal for car shows or as an intermediate wash it can literally be used anywhere! It also helps to reduce bugs, salt and general road dust built up on the front of the vehicle. Comes in 500ml size.

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Simply spray sparingly onto the wrapped area then allow to dwell for a moment then simply wipe over with a lint free cloth, turning periodically to avoid soiling.

Then finally buff away any excess with a second fresh cloth to reveal that freshly washed look on your Gloss vehicle. This spray will emulsify the ground in dirt and not clog the wrap like some other products do allowing the vinyl to breath correctly and prolonging the life of the wrap.

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  1. Shane

    This is the best quick detailer I have ever used!

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