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Just Shampoo is a very low foaming sweet smelling car shampoo provides a streak free finish and a long lasting deep shine. Combined with integrated UV protection system, Just Shampoo over time will help to reduce paint fade associated with UV damage. Comes in 500ml size.


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Use just as a regular vehicle shampoo, wet the vehicle using a hose pipe or jet-wash then whilst still wet add 25ml approx of the shampoo to roughly half a bucket of warm water then using a lambswool mitt or sponge apply liberally to the cars surface as required. Remember to rinse the mitt or sponge into a second bucket of fresh clean water before loading it back up with warm soapy water to avoid contamination and stones or grit being wiped onto other parts of the car.

Then simply rinse the car with the hose or jet-wash and dry using a waffle towel or drying cloth.

For use on caravans or motor homes quantities of shampoo and water will have to be increased to suit.


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