Safe to use on all painted finishes, chrome, vinyl wrap, carbon fiber, glass & trims. With a low foaming PH neutral blend, it can also be used in direct sunlight and will not strip any waxes or coatings form your paint. This gentle shampoo will help to lubricate the surface whilst lifting & removing dirt safely. Avoid any unwanted swirl marks & scratches by using this shampoo. Sweet smelling & can be diluted up to 500:1 depending on application.

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Brand New look, brand new style, brand new name.

No longer happy with standard way detailing products were being sold & used we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves to do something about it. Previously, every product you bought came with an expensive trigger, expensive bottle and expensive label… for what? So now we’ve decided to cut the fancy gimmicks right back and deliver our products in our awesome new pouches. They’re cheaper to purchase and dont require a fancy lid, meaning we can pass on the savings to you in the form of giving you DOUBLE the amount of product (1000ml) for the price you used to pay for (500ml). RESULT!

Not only that, we’ve scaled our labels right back, made them much clearer and easier to understand, as well as no longer laminating them as they don’t need to last as long anymore. What’s more, the piuches are fully recyclable too, unlike the black plastic bottles.

The idea is that in a world where we are becoming a lot more eco-conscious, we are doing everything we can to follow suit, which is why all of our packaging and boxes are now made from recycled material as well. Now, we realise that not quite everything can be plastic free, so we now sell our awesome Pre-Mix Foamer Bottle

and our Pre-Mix Trigger Bottle

Both of which should last much longer than the older bottles and allows you to purchase just the refill pouches from us and save money.

We really do hope you like the idea and will come on board with us and support us in our now eco-conscious journey 🙂


*Please Note – We currently do not ship this product outside of the UK. If you add this product to your cart and your shipping address is outside of the UK, then you will be refunded for that item. We are working on being able to offer it abroad, so please check back for changes*


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