Soft Top Treatment


A true all-in-one product for any convertible roof, can be used on all convertible materials and combines our UV protective coating with our uniquely designed Soft Top sealing agents to give a long lasting protection from harmful UV rays, stains, marks, dirt & all types of fallout. With added Hydrophobic properties your roof will bead and repel liquids just like your paintwork would, ensuring the soft top works better than new! Don’t worry about sun damage & fade anymore and enjoy your roof down journey’s. Comes in 500ml size.

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Clean the soft top as normal, we recommend using our Just Shampoo as it’s specifically designed by us to be gentle to the surface and clean thoroughly. Once the wash process is completed ensure it’s completely dry, you can use one of our dedicated drying towels for this such as our Buffing & Drying Towel or our utterly amazing Super Plush Drying Towel to make the job easy.

Next, simply apply a liberal coat to the soft top to create a protective layer to the roof, with our added UV protection this will help to reduce sun fade commonly associated with soft tops, as well as ensuring a protective bond to the roof material which helps to stop tree sap damage, water marks, fallout ingress & other nasty road grimes.


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